From an exhibition curated by Miriam Hernández, “To Stop the Mind From Wandering”  2015:
The viewer is invited to quietly contemplate their seemingly uncomplicated combinations of form, design and color. These are visual attempts to quiet the mind from making random associations and to gently coax the eye/mind connection into watchful stillness.

Persian Pineapple 2015
The painting consists of several layers of different media, as well as layered references and meanings. Read more…

Many of the works in the “Wake Up!” series (2014) are done on found repurposed bags, using ink-less calligraphy to write repetitions of mantras, both traditional ones or my own, serving as the base for the works. Layered over the writing is ink and/or acrylic and other mediums. Often prominently featured in the composition is an abstracted red geometric representation of a wrathful deity who encourages beings to confront our mortality, and to act with compassion toward all. Click on thumbnails for larger images and details.

“Crumbling” series 2016: mixed media on plaster/vintage plastic tile (4 x 4 inches), mounted on spray-painted wood, 12 x 12 inches. Click on thumbnails for larger images and details.